The NBA Draft is the place where teams can select the best of best at a young age to build up a powerful team.

However, sometimes the prospects don't get selected, but it doesn't mean they aren't good enough. 

There are plenty of teams whom that built their teams based on the draft and ended with a legacy team with multiple NBA Champions. 

However, there are times where the players just need some guidance to get to the same milestone.

In fact, last year Ben Wallace was inducted to the NBA Hall of Fame as an undrafted player. 

He was the first undrafted player in the modern era of the NBA Draft who was inducted. 

The best example of a player who turned around himself after going undrafted is Ben Wallace.

he was 2004 NBA champion, four-time Defensive Player of the Year, four-time All-Star, six-time All-Defense, five-time All-NBA, two-time rebounding champion, one-time blocks champion.

Also, Connie Hawkins has to be in this list because he didn't get drafted because off-court reasons.

However, he end up winning the MVP award and the NBA Championship in the 1968 season. 

Bruce Bowen (NBA Champion (3 times) Udonis Haslem (NBA Champion (3 times) Fred VanVleet (NBA Champion) Avery Johnson (NBA Champion) JJ Barea (NBA Champion)